Friday, March 19, 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping for sports gear

Call me an equipmentarian, but I figure I might as well be optimally attired when I start my daily exercise regimen in earnest next week.

I just went to the local sports store and bought myself some nice gear. In the interest of performance measurement, I invested in a simple cardio monitor that I strap around my chest while I exercise so I can see how my heart rate is reacting to my exertions. As I will describe in my exercise plan next week, I will try to reach a specific target heart-rate for aerobic exercises, so this will come in very handy.

I also bought a basic pedometer that will count the steps I take each day. This will probably reveal the shocking truth about my extreme slothfulness; for while I have never measured this scientifically, my tense shoulders and tight hamstrings remind me of how little I move when I work, sitting in front of a computer or nutrition clients for most of my working hours.

For sheer vanity, I also purchased two simple-but-stylish pairs of jogging pants that I won't be embarrassed to take my children to school in. Since I hadn't exercised systematically for years, I never bothered to own nice sports clothes; what little exercise I did was performed in an old pair of stained sweat pants (or, on occasion, pyjamas...). But looking schleppy makes me feel schleppy, and I decided a sharper image might also help me feel fitter and more energetic.

Thus equipped, I look forward to tackling the brave new era of daily exercise. I realise it's a little early for rewards ("prewards," I like to call them), but if a bit of sporting equipment will help me get motivated, it's worth it.

Next week I will publish my exercise plan, including detailed descriptions of my planned aerobic and strength workouts. Have a good weekend!

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  1. Conner,

    #1 Fantastic purchases! Using a heart rate monitor makes all the difference. You'll know if you are working hard enough or slacking off. And you'll eventually arrive at a goal of how how many calories you'll want to burn every time you exercise (if your monitor tracks that) or how long you want to be in aerobic range.

    It's a huge motivator! Same with the pedometer.

    #2 Good plan to dispense with the schleppy exercise clothing. Nix the exercising with baggy sweatpants! The right clothes absolutely help.

    #3 Can't wait to read your plan.

    #4 For what it's worth--exercising in a group setting--or with a friend is a lot more fun than alone!!